For your IBM i apps,
Choose Performance
For your IBM i apps,
Choose Performance

SilverDev is simple but powerful,
It builds graphic user interfaces for IBM i - AS/400 apps,
using native Windows components in RPG.

1. Drag & Drop

Build interfaces with an intuitive, easy-to-use, graphic tool

More user-friendly than DPSFs, SilverDev uses Windows interface components. Screens are designed using the mouse.

Don't start from scratch! SilverDev now includes a screen conversion wizard, fully customizable, to modernize your DSPFs.

2. RPG IV Language

Programs are stored and run on the IBM i (AS/400) written in RPG IV ile

Simpler than a DSPF: programming logic is based on events. There is no need for analysis and coding of interface behaviour, you just "react" to events (mouse click, etc.)
More flexible: Interface component properties can be modified dynamically (color, font, position, etc.)

3. Execution

Applications are available to users immediately

Applications run on IBM i: you don't need to deploy it on each user workstation.

Your users enjoy inmediately enhanced applications with modern and competitive features.

Ready to start?

SilverDev V3.7

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