Tutorials : your turn!

SilverDev Installation

Install SilverDev Server and MyDesk client part
Start your trial or enter a SilverDev key
Access the demo library

Grid and Pop-up Menu

Build your 1st GUI program with SilverDev and discover event-driven programming : create a pop up menu displayed when you right clic

Insert a Picture

Your company logo, a picture of a product...
Enrich your IBM i applications with static and dynamic pictures.

Build a Graph

Graphes are one of the most important feature of GUI interfaces.
Learn how to display your data in and build your dashboards

Export to Excel, PDF and HTML

Export your data from the IBM i to Excel, PDF or HTML files in one click.
In this tuto, we'll use a drop down menu to select the export format.

Uninstall SilverDev

Uninstall both SilverDev server and client parts.
We're sorry you don't want to keep using the tool, feel free to tell us why.

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