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Infitex boosts the added value of its ERP thanks to SilverDev

The modernization project with SilverDev was an opportunity to rethink the product as a whole, in terms of both code and user functions. The users were convinced by the added value in terms of productivity as well as by the user-friendliness of this graphic version of OLYMP COMPTA. Infitex was able to re-position an “ageing” ERP as a competitive product.

the Rave group stretches the boundaries of RPG development, thanks to SilverDev

Faced with the need to create a monthly schedule, IT Director of the RAVE group, Didier ROUSSEL, chose SilverDev for his company’s RPG developments. He has made it a genuine strategic tool for the group in terms of productivity, decisionmaking assistance and customer service.

Experience Feedback: Modernization Project with SilverDev

Marie-Line Manchon presented her 5250 modernization experience in the last RPG & DB2 Summit in Paris. You'll discover in this presentation not only how she transformed green screens into ergonomics, flexible and user-friendly graphic applications, but also, how the modernized applications facilitate interactions with PCs, office tools, etc.

How to simplify and improve IBM i / PC exchanges with SilverDev?

"After more than two years’ use, it is difficult to remember the exact circumstances of this project’s implementation: it all went so smoothly and without a hitch."

Experia Touts SilverDev Tool for IBM i

System i pros who are looking to leverage their RPG skills to modernize their 5250 apps, but are frustrated with the slowness of Web-based applications may want to consider SilverDev, a integrated development environment (IDE) and application framework from the French company Experia.

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