Company IT must be adaptable

Companies have to be able to adapt quickly to new economic challenges or constantly changing regulatory constraints; responsiveness must be optimal in an uncertain business climate…

This context makes it increasingly difficult for decision-makers to define specific requirements in the early stages of a project and expect them to remain unchanged. In this context, traditional software solutions may prove unsuitable, overly rigid and heavy in terms of configuration; new technologies may appear uncertain, complex, ill-assorted and rapidly obsolete.

SilverDev offers an IDE (integrated development environment) that is directly exploitable by your computer engineers and can be used to change management rules, adapting them to environmental changes upon demand.

SilverDev, an IBM i Solution

SilverDev is an integrated development environment (IDE) and a framework for graphic applications on IBM System i (AS/400).
From your virtual SilverDev desktop in your Windows environment, you can use graphic management applications to access your information system over the network (LAN or WAN).

What is SilverDev?

  • Modernization of your applications while maintaining your business heritage: only the screen interface is developed in native Windows
  • Creation of specific and strategic applications, without calling existing systems into question.

In all cases, SilverDev is an ideal management application production tool, offering the best of Windows on the basis of a reliable language, RPG IV (already mastered by IT teams) for rapid development centralized on System i.

As well as its operating advantages, SilverDev offers improvements for information circuit reliability and security, thanks to its TCP/IP server which can be used locally or via Internet (LAN/WAN). No need to log on via a web browser to access Internet. Data, the real, intangible assets of the company, is preserved and stored. The same applies to the “business” applications which evolve according to user requirements, gaining in efficiency and rapidity.

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SilverDev Advantages

Offer user-friendly applications, with a multitude of functions, conform to the Windows standards and ergonomics to your users.

  • A real Windows interface (no «revamping»)
  • Wide range of graphic components (scroll bars, graphs, pictures, buttons, etc.)
  • No application deployment (centralized management)
  • No web browser needed for remote connection (eliminates connection speed and compatibility issues)
  • Incomparable TCP/IP rapidity, specific to SilverDev
  • Simple, rapid programming in RPG IV (event-driven)
  • Easy maintenance (STRDBG, JOBLOGS, etc.)
  • Graphic printing module included in the product
  • Graphic source editor (possibility of using PDM/SEU)
  • Access to other environments : Desktop (Excel, PDF, email) and web (web browser, webservices, JavaScript...)
All Functions
Silverdev examples

Some applications built with SilverDev: whether demo examples or customers realizations, all apps are operationals and, of course, written in RPG IV.

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