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Release number : V03R80.854

Release date : Mar 02, 2023

What's New? :

  • Tactile ergonomics managment
  • MyDesk : reconnecting after disconnection
  • Conversion Helper for 5250 screens
  • Tool for screens mass compilation
  • New ranges of colors
  • CGridPanel and CFlowPanel components can fit to screen size

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If you already have a SilverDev release (3.7x and previous) on your system, you'll need a new key to activate SilverDev 3.80

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Activation Keys

When first installing SilverDev, choose the "demo" option to activate the software for free during 60 days.

Keys Installation & Renewal:
SilverDev keys are required for each software installation, OS upgrade and license transfer

Required Information:

  • SilverDev release number
  • Server serial number (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR)
  • IBM i version (WRKLICINF)
  • Processor P-Groupe (WRKLICINF)
  • Since SilverDev V3R7: partition number

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